general goals

VISION - Our students will be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

The Spiritual Dimension

We will preserve the special character of the school

  • to foster Catholic values and beliefs
  • to liaise with the Parish
  • to reach children’s faith needs

The Social Dimension

We will build positive relationships within the school and the wider school community

  • to communicate effectively
  • to respect cultural diversity
  • to foster the children’s self esteem
  • to encourage responsibility for one’s own actions

The Intellectual Dimension

We will provide learning programmes of the highest quality

  • to design programmes that are inclusive and meet individual needs
  • to challenge - motivate children
  • to develop the essential skills for learning
  • to provide opportunities for professional development of the staff

The Physical Dimension

We will promote good health and physical well being

  • to encourage participation in a variety of sporting and recreational activities
  • to maintain a safe and stimulating physical environment
  • to foster good health practices

MISSION STATEMENT : St. Joseph’s School provides a Catholic environment where students receive an education that reflects their dignity and individuality and encourages them to reach their full potential spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically within the School Community.

St Joseph's School, Feilding. 2019