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VISION - Our students will be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.


If your child is absent from School one of several things must occur: either the School is contacted on the first morning of the absence or a note is sent to School via phone call, e.mail or using the school app. Apart from giving us information on why the student is absent it helps us to check that all students who set off to School actually arrive.

Activity Donation

The Board of Trustees have introduced an activity donation for students. This supports extra sporting activities, visiting performers and such like throughout the year.


These are held every second Friday at 2.30pm. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. The purpose of assemblies is to bring the School together for prayer and share some of the events of the week. Presentations of class awards are also made each week.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are set by the Palmerston North Diocese. Dues are paid to the diocese are to assist with the servicing of the debt on Catholic Schools. Families at the time of enrolment arrange to have these Dues paid by direct credit. This system of payment is recommended to parents.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club is operated at School. Children receive forms detailing the month’s selection and place orders using these.

Dental Services

The students visited by the Mobile Dental Caravan or they have appointments Feilding Health Centre in Duke Street. During these visits parents are requested to escort them to the Clinic to ensure their safety. Parents are able to attend dental appointments with their child at the mobile clinic.

Food at school

Students are offered the chance to eat a “brain food” snack at 10.00 am, and break again for morning tea at 11.00 am. Students are required to sit and consume their morning tea and lunch during the last 10 minutes of the break period. Parents of students who return home for lunch must notify the School of this at the commencement of each year.

The School makes arrangements for children to purchase a lunch on certain days as follows.

Inter-School Events

The following are some of the regular inter-school events students participate in.

  • Feilding Amateur Swimming Club Carnival (Senior)
  • Catholic Schools Tabloids day. Year 1 - 8
  • Winter Sports exchange with Halcombe Year 6 - Year 8
  • N.Z. Literature Quiz
  • Feilding Schools Music Festival Senior
  • Catholic Schools Kiwi sports day Senior
  • Manawatu Mathex.
  • Catholic Schools Kapa Haka Festival.
  • Ki o Rahi

Lost Property

A box of lost property is kept in the Disability toilet area of the administration block. Parents are asked to check this for any items students have misplaced.

Mufti Days

These days are held from time to time. A coin collection is taken up in support of an appeal such as Lenten appeal or the Missions.


Senior students are trained as road patrollers. The Patrols operate as follows.

School Crossing: 8.30 - 8.55am and 3pm - 3.15pm. This is a full patrol operation with signs.

Kimbolton Road Crossing: Parents must ensure their children are safe using this crossing before school. A teacher walks students to this crossing at the end of the day. It would help if parents assist in ensuring students use these crossings at these times.

School Lunches

At various times students will be able to purchase a lunch organised by either the P.T.F.A. or a student group. These opportunities will be advertised in the school newsletter and orders will be taken on the day before. Orders are made with each class.

Bought lunches are available at school on a Tuesday. These must be ordered at the office prior to the commencement of school that day.

School Practices

Students are to behave in a manner that shows respect, tolerance for all, and uphold the Special Character of the School.

Students should exercise safe practices at all times.

  • Antisocial behaviour is not acceptable under any circumstance.
  • Students are expected to show pride in the natural gifts and talents that God gave them and display a willingness to prosper from the opportunities St. Joseph’s School provides.
  • Students are required to wear the correct uniform presenting themselves in a clean tidy manner.
  • From the time children enter the School grounds, until the time they leave, they are under the care of the Staff and must remain there unless given permission by a staff member to leave.

Stationery Sales

From 2019, parents are able to purchase stationery packs for their child online from the OfficeMax website. Pack are created by staff and have appropriate stationery for each year level and have all items that your child requires. During the year, as stationery runs low, students are able to purchase replacement items from the office. A small memo will go home with your child requesting payment.

Vehicle Access

Parking is available for staff cars only inside the school grounds. The mobility parking spaces are available beside the Hall. This area is for before and after school service providers for drop offs and pick ups. When parking outside the School, children should alight from the car directly onto the footpath. The pedestrian crossing must be used by adults and children. Ample parking is available on Monmouth Street beside the Church. Parents are encouraged to use this area as well.

MISSION STATEMENT : St. Joseph’s School provides a Catholic environment where students receive an education that reflects their dignity and individuality and encourages them to reach their full potential spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically within the School Community.

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