Saint Joseph’s School's mission is to provide a caring environment in which tamariki encounter Christ through respectful relationships and Catholic Social Teachings.


Ākonga will develop a love of learning and a positive sense of self-worth.

Essential Learning Areas

The School offers programmes for all akonga (students) in the following areas.

Religious Education

To enable children to develop a relationship with God and to be living witnesses to the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.

To develop knowledge, skills and attitudes through effective delivery of the R.E. Programme, through culturally inclusive experiences.

To allow for a free faith response from children.

To provide a systematic way of fulfilling the mission of teaching and learning what the Catholic Church believes, celebrates, lives and prays.


To develop control over the processes associated with using and responding to English language purposefully and effectively through reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and presenting.

To develop an understanding of the grammar and conventions of English.

To develop an understanding of how language varies according to the user, audience and purposes.

To respond personally to and think critically about a range of texts, including literary text.

To use language skills to identify information needs and find, use and communicate information.

To understand and appreciate the heritages of N.Z. through experiencing a broad range of texts written in English.


To ensure that children have confidence in using mathematical skills in everyday life.

To instil good attitudes in mathematics by encouraging active learning.

To involve children in the process of investigation, problem solving and risk taking in real life situations.

Tikanga Māori

To enable children to understand and respect our unique heritage and history.

To provide opportunities to understand, respect and experience Maori attitudes and cultural differences.

To give children the chance to experience Te Reo Maori at their level.

To participate where and when possible, in Maori Cultural activities.

To promote equity by meeting any specific learning needs of Maori children within our School.

To promote within our Christian framework, the understanding of aroha, manaaki, wairua, whanau, mana and other Maori concepts.

Physical Education

Physical Education should help young people to reach their potential in physical growth and development.

Develop a wide range of motor skills.

Participate in physical activities that aid personal and social development.

Acquire knowledge and understanding about movement, themselves and others, and about the contribution of physical activity to a healthy lifestyle.

Develop positive attitudes towards physical activity.

We are very lucky to have our own swimming pool, large turf, as well as a fitness track around our field.

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To identify the health needs of our school.

To encourage children to take responsibility for their own health.

To encourage children to have a caring attitude towards the health needs of others.

To create a happy secure school climate conducive to learning.

To develop positive attitudes and self esteem in the children.

The Arts

Akonga will be encouraged to explore, challenge, affirm and celebrate unique artistic expressions of self, community and culture.

Learning in, through and about The Arts stimulate creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses and feelings.

Children will learn to work both independently and collaboratively to construct meanings, produce works and respond to and value other’s contributions.

Children will gain in confidence to take risks.

One of our highlights is our triennial Wearable Arts tradition. We have some very talented akonga whose creative talents really get the opportunity to shine at this event.

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Digital Technology

Akonga will be encouraged to integrate Digital Technologies into the curriculum.

We will focus on skills, understanding of Computer Science as part of the Technology learning area.

Ideas are clearly scaffolded to individualise and differentiate learning, clearly indicating the levels of difficulty and complexity.


All akonga have cooking lessons on a rotation system in our cooking room, The Mustard Seed.