Absences: If your child is absent from kura (school) please contact the school office through an email or phone call before 9am. Alternatively if you have downloaded the Edge app, you will be able to do enter their absence from your mobile phone. This helps us to accurately check your tamariki (children) has made their way safely to kura.

Activity Donation: The School Board have joined the Government Donations Scheme, where the government contributes to the school on your behalf, so whānau (family) do not need to pay activity fees. This money is used for additional sporting opportunities, visiting performers, transport for class trips etc. However, you are still obliged to pay Attendance Dues to the Palmerston North Diocese to assist with the servicing of the debt of Catholic Schools. At the time of enrolment, whānau arrange to have these Dues paid by direct credit.

Assembly: These are held every second Friday at 2.15pm. Whānau are very welcome and encouraged to attend. The purpose of assemblies is to bring the kura together for prayer and share classroom learning. Presentations of class certificates are also celebrated.

Dental Services : Whānau are directly contacted by the dental service to organise appointments. During these visits parents are also asked to attend the Clinic to ensure their tamariki safety.

Enrolment: Click here for more information.

Food at School: Please provide your tamariki with a healthy brain food snack to eat during class time. Most classes allow fruit, vegetables or sandwiches to be eaten for brain food. Morning tea is at 11-11.30am and lunch is at 12.45-1.30pm. Tamariki can order Subway lunches directly from Subway on Wednesday's, which is delivered to the office. These orders must be in at the office before 9am.

Lost Property: A box of lost property is kept in the administration block. Please remember to name all of your uniform and it will be directly returned to your tamariki.

Mufti Days: We hold a mufti day usually once a term. A gold coin donation is asked on these days, often to support local community needs, Lenten appeals or the Missions.

Road Patrols: Senior ākonga (students) are trained as road patrollers. In the morning, the crossing on Derby Street has patrollers from 8.30-8.55am and in the afternoon 2.55-3.15pm. We would appreciate if both adults and children use the pedestrian crossing.

Stationery: At the start of the year, stationery packs are available to be downloaded from the OfficeMax website. Sometimes during the year, your tamariki may require replacement stationary. We keep a supply in the office to be purchased and we will forward you the invoice via the Edge app.

Uniform: Click here for more information.

Vehicle Access: Mobility parking spaces are available beside the Community Hall. This is also the area where our before and after school service providers drop off and pick up our ākonga. If there are empty car parks in this space, please feel free to use these parks. Please be mindful to leave these for those whānau who may have young children, injuries etc. In addition to this carpark, you can park on the road or there is ample parking available across the road at St Brigids Church. Whānau are encouraged to use this area as well.

Our Mustard Seed Room

We have a fantastic cooking facility for our tamariki to use. Inside our Mustard Seed room we have three kitchenettes that the kaiako (teachers) can access anytime. During Terms 2 and 3, each class is provided explicit cooking lessons with an expert. This experience is very much a highlight for our ākonga.

Faith as small as a mustard seed will move mountains!