our community

VISION - Our students will be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

Parents are encouraged to be a part of the school and are required to assist in a variety of ways - serving any one of the following committees, Board of Trustees, P.T.F.A. (Parents Teachers and Friends Association).

The Board of Trustees is the Parent body, which is charged with governing the school. The Board consists of 5 elected Parent Trustees., an elected Staff Trustee., 4 Proprietors Reps., and the Principal. The Board may also co-opt 2 further Parent Trustees. The term of office for the Board is 3 years.

The P.T.F.A. is a body of individuals who support the school in a number of ways such as fund raising, Parent Education and a variety of other voluntary tasks.

These groups are an excellent way for parents to get to know each other and show support for the school they have chosen to educate their children. Other activities may include lunch rosters, coaching of sports teams, helping within classrooms and assistance with transport.

Parents are encouraged to be proactive in suggesting and assisting in organising any event which they feel will add much needed resources to the school or help to develop a closer community link between parents.

MISSION STATEMENT : St. Joseph’s School provides a Catholic environment where students receive an education that reflects their dignity and individuality and encourages them to reach their full potential spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically within the School Community.

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